About Us


The Malvern Historical Society has a vision of keeping the history alive associated with this small village located in Carroll County, Ohio. Malvern has been witness to more than 200 years of people, events, and memories; this page will help to collectively gather this history together to supplement the physical artifacts on display at the society’s home.

President Jason Lombardi
Vice-President Tom Wagner
Secretary Rhonda Chiurco
Treasurer Susie Brothers

108 East Porter Street
Malvern, Ohio

*Mailing address:
P.O. Box 80
Malvern, OH 44644

*Meetings held the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the society building (unless otherwise advised).

*Would you like to support the efforts of preservation as provided by the Malvern Historical Society with a membership? Dues are as follows:
Student: $5 per year.
Individual: $10 per year.
Couple: $15 per year.
Business/Professional: $15 per year.
Lifetime (individual) $100.
-The Malvern Historical Society is a non-profit organization and all membership dues paid are tax-deductible. Dues collected are partially utilized for the upkeep of the society’s home located on East Porter Street along with other historically-relevant local projects.
-Membership in the society is non-obligatory and signifies your support to perpetuate the efforts of a local organization. If you would so choose, mail your membership dues to: Malvern Historical Society, P.O. Box 80, Malvern, OH 44644. Please include all contact information, including email address. Checks are made payable to the Malvern Historical Society.

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