Mention of Malvern as the Earliest Brick Factory

Came across this article:

Paving Through History – A Short History of Brick Making in Stark County

Malvern is mentioned:

McAllister said Ohio’s first paved street was built in Steubenville in 1884, and that the first mass production of paving brick in Ohio took place in Malvern in 1885 at the Canton-Malvern Fire Clay Paving Brick Co.

Author: Stew Benedict

While I wasn't born and raised in Malvern, I live here now and love the area. I'm interested in history in general and of this area, which is quite fascinating.

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  1. I grew up in Oneida (Mills) between Malvern and Pekin, and have the Sandy-Beaver Canal, an old Post Office, the Oneida Brickworks and many great memories. I delivered to most of municipal Malvern the “Canton Repository” so I spent many afternoons considering the older buildings’ origins and met many of the older families in Malvern proper. I missed a great chance to hear first hand the stories of the town while I grew up because I was young and trying to get out of it, and grandma (Roxanne “Roxie” Stahler) lived out of town so it did not occur to me she would know it. Silly me! She used to teach many of the local citizens before the Brown Township School (Malvern Schools) were even built. I should have realized from Mr Steffey and Mr Angeloni that the central community was not so “central” in historic Malvern! The things you “know” but realize later you did not know right…hmm. The community of yesterday was more widespread and thinner in population locally. Now, when I know even more and have traveled internationally, I think back about the simple days and beautiful scenery that I have long since come to miss. The tree lined streets of Malvern have always meant home to me and always will.

  2. I have found a few Old Pittsburg and Malvern Bricks. I am trying to find out how old they are. I could use some Help.

    1. Hi Kurt: For some reason your post was lost in a spam folder and just found, thus the delay in answering. The Pittsburgh & Malvern (P&M) Brickyard was organized in 1904 by Allen B. Creighton and others and built on land just outside of Malvern on the back road to Waynesburg. Paving brick were manufactured here and I am sure that is what you have uncovered. Your paving bricks are more than 100 years old. Thank you for contacting us.

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