Membership Renewal Time

Just a friendly reminder that if you have an annual membership, it’s time to renew.
Your membership fees and generous donations go a long ways to help us preserve Malvern’s history.

Thanks in Advance!

Author: Stew Benedict

While I wasn't born and raised in Malvern, I live here now and love the area. I'm interested in history in general and of this area, which is quite fascinating.

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  1. Hi:

    Jasen called me some time ago with a promise to send me some information on the local Hardesty Family and their connection to the Sandy & Beaver Canal. I know the Hardesty Mill was powered by the canal and the “fall” from Lock 19. I know one of the hardesty boys ‘ran’ a canal boat called the MALVERN and I know one or more Hardesty constructed a section of the canal between Malvern and Waynesburg. Like to learn more for my by-weekly e-mail column, CANAL COMMENTS.

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