Society Receives Donation of Fireproof Cabinet

28166570_1628697643881843_6164898301290547054_nThere are still many kind-hearted people in this world.

Recently, the Malvern Historical Society was recipient of a donation which will help us in preserving our collection. Mr. Stew Benedict, active member of our society, is shown next to a donated fireproof filing cabinet which will help in safeguarding our one-of-a-kind documents.

Stew oversaw transporting the more than 600-pound cabinet to Malvern and received assistance with getting the cabinet into the building from member John Chiurco.

As custodians of Malvern’s history, we are responsible for the safety and preservation of relics which trace the footsteps of our pioneers; this cabinet will help complete that job.

Small organizations like the Malvern Historical Society find it difficult to purchase large ticket items such as this on a limited budget. We are exceptionally grateful for the donation and send warm wishes to the generous person who saw fit to lend aid to a non-profit organization.

Let it be known….the donor has no direct connection to the village of Malvern and, in fact, had to look us up to discover who we are 😁. This person wishes to remain anonymous.

So yes, even in a world which seems dominated by the not-so-pleasant at times, there still are blessings in disguise.

Author: Jason Lombardi

A native of Malvern, Jason's love of history developed at an early age. He became self-appointed caretaker of the Hardesty Cemetery in Malvern at the age of approximately ten-years-old. While researching those interred at the burial ground, Jason made connections with numerous Malvern residents who experienced its history, building a foundational knowledge of historical events and data associated with the village. He served as historian of the Malvern United Methodist Church for a number of years which further perpetuated research of the area. While scouring the community for historical information, Jason connected with Malvern native Mrs. Frances L. (Thomas) Montella. Their joint efforts and common desire to preserve Malvern's past led to the formation of the Malvern Historical Society, Inc. in 1994.