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Upcoming auction in Malvern on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 10 a.m. for the sale of the historic “Hardesty Homestead” on East Main Street. The home has been the residence of the Kraft family for several decades.

This large brick home was built between the years 1824-27 by Rev. William Hardesty who platted the original town of Troy (respectively now Malvern) in 1834. The property consists of 7+ acres which includes the family burial ground containing the mortal remains of some of Malvern’s founding citizens.

This historic property has strong ties as a safe house along the Underground Railroad and the burial grounds on the property are said to be the resting place of two fugitive slaves who perished while in the care of the Hardesty family.

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Author: Jason Lombardi

A native of Malvern, Jason's love of history developed at an early age. He became self-appointed caretaker of the Hardesty Cemetery in Malvern at the age of approximately ten-years-old. While researching those interred at the burial ground, Jason made connections with numerous Malvern residents who experienced its history, building a foundational knowledge of historical events and data associated with the village. He served as historian of the Malvern United Methodist Church for a number of years which further perpetuated research of the area. While scouring the community for historical information, Jason connected with Malvern native Mrs. Frances L. (Thomas) Montella. Their joint efforts and common desire to preserve Malvern's past led to the formation of the Malvern Historical Society, Inc. in 1994.

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  1. The old “Hardesty Homestead” has a new owner: Mr. Jason Hidey. He was highest bidder at the recent auction.

  2. Unexpected changes have transferred this property from the Kraft family to the next highest bidder from the day of the auction. The new owner of the “Old Hardesty Homestead” is John Champer. Congratulations on owning one of the most historically significant properties in the Malvern area. May it be treated with the respect and compassion it has earned over the nearly 200 years of existence.

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